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Emmanuel Mercy Mission is a Christian organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to individuals and their communities with necessities such as medical assistance, shelter, food, clothing and more.

The roots of Emmanuel Mercy Mission originated in 1992, when a small group of refugees recognized the need to help the communities that they have left behind. That small group teamed up with other local organizations to send food, clothing, and medical supplies to many Eastern European countries that were once known as the Soviet Union. In addition to providing aid to families, churches, and communities in countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Estonia, Emanuel Mercy Mission also reached out to assist new refugees living here in the United States.

Our organization is recognizing the growing need across the globe for ongoing support. From those currently desperate for aid in Ukraine, to advocating and helping individuals with disabilities, and communities in need of food, shelter and medical assistance—Emmanuel Mercy Mission is fully committed to making a positive impact on the world around us.

The Emmanuel Mercy Mission started on 01/08/1992 from this small house.


EMMANUEL: God is with us

MERCY: to freely give kindness and love to those in need

MISSION: in ministry to share the love of Jesus to the world


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We promise to use your money with care, and to help people in crisis quickly.

We promise to make sure that your dollar is used to the maximum for those in crisis.

We promise to be transparent and accountable.          IRS Form 990s: 2020   2019  2018       2017

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